Auto scammers!!

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Heads up! I’ve been following new car posts and there are a lot of car scams!! I am reporting each one and their users! Things to watch out for is the person telling you to contact their “aunt” or whatnot at an email that seems reliable like a military, etc email. The cars are usually worth $1 but I have seen some $1000 cars. The cars are too good to be true because THEY ARE. If you need to triple check, click on the username then on their “selling” tab, if they have 100+ listings this is a SCAMMER ACCOUNT. Please report them and their item!!! Thank you for being a decent person and I will answer any comments and/or concerns!
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Also check the sellers profile for other items. Most likely the car will posted multiple times, sometimes up to 100 times in different cities. Also the pictures thay use are always stock photos, and some screen shots of a computer screen image. They also use this scam on campers, motorcycles, boats, ect. Nice to see I am not the only one bother by thia, and who spends hours reporting these scammers.