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I chose7 different cars and each Buyer asked to do the sale by email.they all had the same sales pitch.asked for money to be deposited in"Ebay Motor Acct." whitch is really an ebay gift card acct.the Car is never shipped and your money is Gone! This Scam is Big on other apps too. Be Cateful. I smelled a Rat from the start.

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@Gypsy322  I hope you reported it to OfferUp and then blocked them.

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@Gypsy322  I hope you reported it to OfferUp and then blocked them.

this is a scam I want my money back this item don’t work.
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GTK ... @Gypsy322
Certainly buyers looking to purchase a vehicle via shipping will want to be aware of this scheme!
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Would be able to assist you better with a little more detail regarding your concern?
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I had the same thing happen to me! I almost fell for it until another car I inquired about popped up telling me that that car would also be sold through EBAY. That's when I knew something wasn't right! OFFER UP needs to get a grip on this situation!
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I just got ripped off! I was an idiot to purchase something on this site and expect for the person on the other end to actually ship it. What a fool. And unlike Ebay where they do something about it here I guess I am **bleep** out of luck.
Never again will I do buy and ship with the low life flakes selling on here. This is a good place for them to make a decent living ripping people off without a worry in the world. And people like me make it easy on them to do it. What a fool I am. I must have sucker written in my forehead. And shame on you offer up for giving them the ability to do that.
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Who says problem solved?
I have sent a number of requests for someone to do something about this piece of trash criminal selling items she doesn’t have and stealing money from people! And nobody gives a crap! Shame on you offer up for supporting this criminals behavior! It’s like you welcome this because I see you have done nothing about it so that others are free to be ripped off too. Hell these people don’t need jobs they use offer up to sell items they don’t have and sit around making more money then I do. Thing is offer up supports criminal behavior and rips you off too by hiding a phone number for contact or even acknowledging you exist.
So disappointing and I feel for those that will do exactly what I did and get ripped off too. Freaking sad!
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@REMEMBRANCE  I would have to agree with REMEMBRANCE. @Blueyss  With out more info. No one can help you out.

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What information do you need?