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There are scammers ads all over the Cars & Trucks section. Look for the following as a warning:
* Low price on vehicle. Too good to be true price. Usually between $500 - $2000. They will use odd prices as well like $1544.
* Contact only through email. They post an address or ask for your email. Some give you their phone number. They are now posing as military personnel and even making up their own military email addresses. Watch out for ‘sergent’ which they misspell or USAF, emails. The emails will work but they are fake military email addresses.
* Post they are selling for their sister, mother, aunt, etc. If you contact through email you may get a sob story like their son or daughter died and they are selling vehicle cheap because of bad memories. Or the owner is military and doesn’t need it. Or their military son died in action. They stoop pretty low but these are scumbags who steal from you!
* Some have disabled the chat function in OfferUp and you will get an error message. They are hoping this will force you into using their email address.
* They are now hijacking other people’s accounts so it looks legit. Look at the profiles, sometimes even TruMembers, and you will see dozens of posts for the same vehicle in multiple cities and states, maybe alongside photos of typical items people sell on OfferUp.
* They will tell you they don’t have the vehicle because they are selling through eBay so you have Buyer Warranty and Protection. They will send you a fake eBay web page. They tell you eBay ships the vehicle. All not true because there is no vehicle.
* They use stock auto photos or ones taken from other sites, accounts, etc.
* They will ask you to purchase and send them gift cards. Don’t do it! They will take your money and run!

As the saying goes, caveat emptor, Buyer Beware. Let’s put these awful lowlife scammers out of business!
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Saw 4 posts on offer up today regarding $500 car that can be yours if you wire money to amazon auto sales.

Amber Baker says she is deployed and has to negotiate through Amazon bc she is out of the country. Car selling so cheap bc it belonged to a daughter who died of cancer and is too painful to hold onto...this is just a form letter! Go to scam warners to see exact same letter sent to other victims
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Their are multiple postings in different states they send out fishing for your email info, if you email them they now have your email address and all they need is to hack your password this is how their stealing offerup accounts. DONT EMAIL ANYONE ON OFFERUP if you do theirs a good chance your id will be stolen
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I am done reporting scammers with ridiculous car prices and Offerup do nothing to stop this from showing up again, is very annoying to browse for cars to buy, I can't believe they can't spot these scams before they post, there have to be a way, they post the same cars in 30 cities and even worse, the pictures are from another country or taken over a computer screen.
They even include in the post an email address with a very American name that looks like a Hollywood movie character but the English in the ad is so poor you can spot it is a Chinese or Malaysian or Korean or from another one of those countries with Scam colleges.

Offerup, please do something!

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I agree, why doesn't offer up do something?
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I just emailed a scammer just bc i was curious but didnt know ur identity could be stolen. Im really worried. Do u guys think i should creat a new email. I know its going to be a hassle which is why i dont want to. I just dont want anything stolen from me.
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I emailed but never responded after that. Should I be worried that they can take my information? Or can they only scam me if I gave them the money?
Scam ADS are everywhere in 2019
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Omg literally I thought I was the only one noticing this. This is plain absurd how offer can allow that many post of the same car in different city and weird emails and brand new for a 1$ come on!!!
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Almost happen to me ! You can’t see the car , seller is in military and Amazon car sales has the car in some holding warehouse! Pay the money through money order then amazon will release car ! Please be aware ! Never buy a car if you can’t see the seller and the car !!!