Be very smart when buying cars

Level 1
When buying never rush because u you have the money he wants so he will bare with u but don't waste his time as well either. When buying always ask for title and VIN number to match the car and u can do Fairfax if it's not salvage or the papers are not real or can't be sure call the DMV or if you have AAA call them and they will give u the info and get the qoute for adding it new car. But before you call it your car make sure you take a mechanic with you cuz I could you not you will thank me.
People can fix the body and usually they do in order to sell it faster but underneath the hood if you have no experience trust me you will get robbed by these people selling you the junk and the mechanic always you know tells you the truth if the car is worth the price or not and at the same time when you do the test drive you must first check the axles first of the car and Park then hold the brakes put the car on drive and do a 360 and the same Circle so you can hear the axles to the right and to the left you have to do it twice and the second after you must check for transmission the way you do that if it's automatic you first put the car on 1 2 or three and then drive but when you're on first gear make sure you go all the way to 6 so you can hear the engine and then shift to Second and see how smooth that is that's how you can tell if the transmission is in good condition and breaks what you have to do is going 32mph to 0mph right away so u can feel the back of the car go almost up that way can tell how tired the body is and how good the brakes are and when you're buying make sure you buy through third-party like PayPal have the seller sent you an invoice through PayPal not at fake colorful PayPal letter those are fake, the invoic from PayPal is with invoice number descriptions and the ordered amount and the shipment amount posted as well is really look at invoice from PayPal ur self so u know. Because if u buy car in hurry u will end up in mechanic shop more than driving around. Make sure u do oil change right away and transamission oil if needed if not look if belt is rubber or chain if it's chain lucky no need to worry after 60k miles to be replaced. Good luck
I think i just got scammed from a seller. I was trying to buy a car and did the whole email and buying the amazon gift card. What can i do do grey my money back??