Calling all dealers!

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Hi everyone!
Autos are a huge part of OfferUp and we want everyone to get a shot at being part of the fun. Thousands of independent and franchise dealers from all over use OfferUp to reach more customers. If you are or work for an Automotive Dealership, you need to check out the services and dealer-designated tools we offer here
This includes everything from opportunities to receive an official dealership profile on OfferUp bundled with additional features designed to make you more successful in your sales, to the ability to turn on your inventory feed to make it easier to post cars, to a way to enable buyers to call you directly on mobile or desktop, to the chance to Promote or Bump your vehicle listings as a convenient monthly advertising package. 
Does this sound like something you or someone you know, or work for, would be interested in? Make sure to fill out our form here and let us know. We’re so excited about this and we can’t wait to hear from you! Get your dealership set up today here. Smiley Happy
We’ve been listening to your feedback on how we can improve Autos for both the buyers and sellers. Make sure to give us your feedback! We are listening and will be actively monitoring this brand new forum.
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I have been looking for a car on OfferUp from a private sneller rather then a dealer. I find that often cars are re-poster a few days later so It means it is not a New offer. Also I am New to this website and would like to know if you can read feedback from clients so you have a better idea about the person selling the car? Do you have other tips regarding how to purchase a car on offerup?


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@Ang22 When you have narrowed down the search to a few cars, spend a few bucks on a pre-purchase inspection. FYI, the CarFax report contains ONLY details from the DMV/insurance companies and may lack pertinent information that can only be determined with a visual inspection. For insance, some people may decide to settle some auto accidents themselves with paying "out of pocket" with cash, rather than informing the insurance company. This occurs more often than you think within the Metro Los Angeles area, since the insurance companies tend to increase the rates if a driver accumulates too many points on their driving record.

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Welcome, @Ang22! We do have some tips on purchasing a car on OfferUp! My best tip is to make sure you test drive the vehicle. We have some other tips posted over here

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I hate this feature as well. when you are an individual seller, often your car ends up buried by all of the dealer vehicles. They have the cash to "promote" and usually overprice used vehicles on the lot, it's not a truly community oriented site when the community is second to business. Also paying to "promote" or bump, as a private seller still doesn't put your item ahead of corporate ads. Thirdly, i've been on this site two seperate areas after i moved, i have not sold a single item, what gives? the same items sold off craigslist and i've marked them sold here to remove.
I hope the community members are able to become a priority.
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What’s funny... is i want the dealers off offer up. They don’t belong on this app. This is for private sellers... to “ offer up” you can’t offer up on a dealer. So tired of not being able to find a private sell on this app. It’s being flooded with dealers and sponsored ads...
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@FHJewelry What part of the U.S. do you live in? They shouldn't be flooding your feeds. Let us know. 

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Broward county south Florida
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Central FL as well...😕
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Palm beach county