Calling all dealers!

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Are you a dealer in Palm Beach County... ?
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No, I was just including Palm Beach County as one of the counties where car dealers have flooded the car section. It has become almost impossible to find a private seller. The car dealers have way to many tricks to hide problems with cars, some of them are straight up criminals. I don't want to buy from a used car dealer.

 A seperate dealer section would be great, and a single click way to report them without having to click on their ad, if they post in the wrong section.

As it is now, I can't even block their ads, I can only block them from contacting me. Even if I could, it would take me hours to block them all. A single click block feature that actually blocked their ad would be amazing.

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Not to mention, a huge car dealership with 30 salesmen, all posting the same vehicle in seperate acounts.

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---Yes... your feedback also rings true on the FL West Coast---
Actually, OfferUp very recently had a FORBES write-up on them about their "Tremendous Success" in the Online Auto Sales Arena! 👍😆
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I'm about to stop using OfferUp because when I open the app, I'm not even in the car section and all I see now is dealer cars. It's so obnoxious. Dealers don't belong in this app. They have other apps. I don't want to scroll through pages of cars to look for interesting stuff in my local community. I ended up here bc I was hoping they were not allowed and I was searching if I can report them. I'm in LA.
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Offerup is filled with car dealers who overpriced their vehicles and rediculous markup knowing that an average user would go here to check out deals and will negotiate down by $1000 thinking they got a deal.  Dealers know this and play it to their advantage....What about the private sellers ?  their cars are not likely any salvage cars (cars in accident and sold at auctions and fixed up by dealers).  GET THESE DIRTY CAR SALESMAN OFF this OfferUP please--- unlikely that it works... beware private buyers-- the car dealers will rip you off, don't think a $1000 knock off from price is a good deal....that's what dealers like you to think.

Some of us work for car dealers. As sales people we are told we should advertise ourselves to bring in our own business. I have been posti g here and used cars on the lot change daily. So yes I post 4 or 5 cars a day. Now you want 5 bucks per post. I cannot afford that and would be happy to pay the 60 a month to post my dealer cars. However the dealership will only pay to advertise the entire dealership with our website which of course links to the internet department. That does me no good because once the internet department gets a lead I am not allowed to deal with that customer. So it looks like I will have to find another place to post. Thanks for making that change and boning me. If you ever can work out a way to give people like myself a decent monthly payment or a charge per sale made from our offer up postings let me know, maybe I will come back. I even was paying for promotion plus. **bleep** it Craigslist or letgo here I come.
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Good, I hope even make it harder for you dealers. If I want to buy a car from a dealer I will go to a dealer. We shouldn’t have to wade through all of the commercial car dealers posts to find private sellers on OfferUp. Everybody hates car dealers like a plague, as they are just like blood sucking attorneys. Car dealers lie and do anything they can sell a car, especially used car dealers.

Went to a used car dealer in Portland Oregon once about a year ago. It turned out all of their vehicles had been in an accident. They purchased them from insurance companies and fixed them up very cheaply to resell. They didn’t tell us that all the cars of been in accidents etc. We had to dig into them to find that information out. It came up on the Carfax and we question it. That’s how we found out. And an auto body repair shop right next-door to them would not even do business with them to fix their cars.