Car dealer scams

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Buyer Beware costly experience with all approved auto works LLC Lake Worth location bought a truck engine light came on needed brakes wires the normal used crap took it to a mechanic put it up on the lift the mechanic backed up and said you need to have this towed back to the dealer don’t even drive it the entire truck was 100% rust the holes had eaten through into the cabin where the fumes were entering the inside while you were driving after paying weekly payments they took my trade-in valued at $1500 my weekly payments of $$2000 Took my truck back to them they kept the truck did not put me in a decent drivable reliable vehicle and apply my trade-in or the money I had spent they kept everything including the tag and held that hostage until my insurance was suspended tried to call them to resolve it they hang up the phone complete scum of the earth put the word out so nobody becomes a victim again .. hopefully better business Bureau will shut them down!