Car scam

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I've been looking for a car and I thought that I had found the perfect car. Except " Harvey" doesn't want to communicate through offer up, he asked me to email "" and Brenda is supposed to be Brenda Miller. She gave me a story about how she is fixing to deploy and her husband had died and she doesn't want to keep the car in storage. She says that the sell of the car will go through ebay, yet according to the map she lives 2 miles from my house. She sent pictures of the car and I live in San Antonio and off to the side of the car is snow. It doesn't snow in San Antonio in May or April. She doesn't want to meet she just wants my bank account information. My son had the same thing happen to him but with a different car. Don't give them your account information and don't buy the car from these people. Beware of anyone who says that they are going to deploy and needs to sell a car.
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@mkyies36--That's unfortunate that people are still trying to pull these scams & waiting to see who will fall for it so they can take your money. Thank you for sharing your experience & not falling for this scam!!
Yes that is a scam never give your bank info like that to anyone regardless not even eBay you can go safe with PayPal or must meet in person ! I sell cars and know the stories of these compulsive liars please don’t fall for it ! It’s better you always test drive cars before purchasing
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eBay doesn’t warehouse vehicles

Google it...
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Omg ! Yes I was serious about a purchase and then I cAught it also when a guy says selling car for his aunt but he lives in San Antonio however she text back it will take 3 days to ship yet wanted info for EBAY?! RED FLAG ! She said she was deployed in military also wanted to save storage fees. So bogus !
BUYER BEWARE ! There are many if these out there on OFFER UP
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@Lucky1970--It's great that you're aware & those red flags went up. Now a days you can never be to sure, but you have to trust your judgement. Thanks for sharing!!