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I contacted OfferUp about this problem just last week.
I think there should be a format that car sellers have to fill out, completely before their adds are posted.
In my 'looking around for a used car on OfferUp experience' many of these sellers don't even list the year or mileage, and the dealers don't return repeated messages.
Just sayin'
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One of my requirements in considering a used car is that the check engine light is not been comming on and that the car can idle for 30 minutes and more with the temperature stable. Then after testing those things checking for leaks after shutting the engine off. This process can tell you so much of the cars health. Of course while the car is running check air conditioning, heater, and signal lights also transmission fluid. Always check oil before you start it.

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What was the last vehicle you owned? That'd be helpful to those with vehicles ready to sell. Are you mechanically inclined, or does the vehicle need to be a turn-key?
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I have read several post as to how to find a good car, how to by past the fake sellers and find reputable people with decent cars. I am going to provide two tips that will help make the buying process a lot easier. Usually if these two needs are not met from the seller, I will walk away. These tips are NOT applicable to all states. You as the buyer need to check on what rules & laws apply to your state.
TIP #1: I never purchase a car with out an inspection report within the last 3 months. It is the worst feeling to pay good money to a stranger, then to be told by the local inspection station that your vehicle has failed the emissions test/state inspection. A failed inspection means you cannot get your tags. You now need to spend more money before you can get your tags. Ask the seller to have the car inspected prior to purchase.
TIP #2: NEVER PAY for a vehicle until the SELLER has the title NOTARIZED. Again check your state laws or look at the back of the title. If there is a section/box that says”NOTARY”, that means the SELLER has to have his/her signature notarized. It cost five dollars in the state of NC. You may leave with the vehicle/boat/moped/ATV, You may have the title in your hand but that item is NOT legally yours until the title is NOTARIZED by the
SELLER. As the buyer you will NOT be able to have the SELLER’S name notarized. Keep in my mind if the seller cannot have the title notarized, then there is something wrong with the sale. As long as the title has the seller’s name and the seller has a valid ID, the Notary process takes 10 minutes.
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I have one posted now and I am getting another one ready. Check me out and follow me if possible. Look forward to talking to you