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I’m no pro, and I am new to the community section of offerup.. I’ve used the app since it first came out, and as an alternative to craigslist...I fell in love. I don’t know how to voice my concern but recently I went to help my son buy his first car. I am really disappointed that OfferUp allows dealers and retailers to post here. I fell in love with this technology because it’s been peer to peer “for a while”. Does anybody know about changes taking place where offer up is now allowing retailers and dealers to advertise? I’m so confused. And I am disappointed to say the least. At one point six months ago my son got ripped off buying a computer here, that was an eye-opener. The poor kid saved six months of cutting lawns in the neighborhood. I just wish instead of focusing on revenue and astronomical growth that offerup would continue to just provide simple services as it has been. I guess all good things must come to an end. Can anyone advise me on how I can get the message across or somehow lobby offerup to keep it plainly and simply peer to peer. Isn’t this why we all came here?
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@Keokee I dont know if commercial postings here pay the fees but if they do than Im okay with that. My guess is that only revenue is (1) fund raised via VC (2) fee from shipping. But most likely money is from the VC investment. So unless OU show some kind of revenue their funding will be cut off and founders most likely lose the control. OU is not nonprofit organization and need to show some green to the investment firm that gave them the money.
@Keokee . Very much like you, I fell in love with the simplicity down to earth Offerup app, and used it to replace craigslist. Many years ago I worked at a pawn shop (not my proudest employment history, but I at least had a job), I learned a great deal about people while working there. Also had my own Antique store at one time, plus I have been using craigslist & b4 that I used classified ads, all together for nearly 20 years. What I've learned is the world is full of a wide variety of people with different morals (some completely lacking), there are good people & then there are people that I don't believe there is a word in existance for. There are individuals that make a "living" lying, stealing, scamming, cheating etc. that have 0 regard for other human beings. I've seen all types & they come in all shapes/sizes, suit & tie, all the way to rags & lacking a shower for at least a month. I've even been ripped off by a little old lady! There are a lot of honest good folks out there to. My point is this, I enter every potential transaction keeping this in mind. And if the circumstances seem fishy I don't give benifit of the doubt, I walk away. For example, I only do transactions in person with cash & I typically have someone with me or wear protection, if Im the purchasing party, depending on item.... I check to make sure manufacturers #/ part#/model # etc. has not been destroyed, if its something that typically has a title then I expect a title & bill of sale signed by individual with i.d. to verify they are the person on the title & bill of sale. No title or i.d. is a red flag for trouble down the road. If they pull up with out of state liscense plate I'm cautious, if someone has a big burly beard and flipflops shows up on a spraypainted bike and is selling a Pandora designer purse (like a 500.00 purse) I'm going to ask a thousand questions. And never purchase a vehicle without having a local mechanic do a quick once over. It may cost 20-30 bucks but can save you a nightmare in the future.
It sucks that there are so many dishonest peeps in the world, but there are good ones to .. just have to be careful and weed through the lot.