Ebay vs. Offerup

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Ok people what are your opinions? I have done both and I want to hear from current ebayers as well as former. What is the preference of choice, Ebay vs. Offerup?
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, my choice will be ebay.
1. Payment received before I shipout.
2. Don't have to worry about meeting buyers or dealing with cancellation issue.
Some items are too big to shipout and that is only reason I use OU apps.
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For low ticket and low risk items, both are good options. In terms of high risk and more expensive items, ebay all the way.
Often times, ebay shipping quotes are enough to turn away buyers, so you can pick and choose what to list where. Or do both, just be on top of listings so you dont sell an item twice.
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Joined OfferUp for the "Community" vibe feeling they give off... Love the fact they care about Community and our Planet!
Go OU Go...!
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I’ve done EBay, Craig’s, and letgo. I believe OfferUp is more like family to me. More of a community feeling. Yes all Communities have ups and downs. I’ve had more ups and met more people, good people on OfferUp. I pick OfferUp.

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@Creammotors  Nice question. Hope lots of people answer and chime in.

As a seller, I prefer eBay, Carousell, and Mercari.


When buying (local/in-person), I prefer CL by a mile (best boolean search...even better than eBay), but younger folk seem to sell on OfferUp, LetGo,5Miles,etc., especially for "ditching" items, which is why I use OU.

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I havent tried Carousel. I may look into that.
Mercari is my biggest money maker by far, also where I devote the most time.
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@factsdontcare  I’m smiling at the ditching and younger people on OfferUp. I’m almost 60 but thank you. Made my day.


Carousell is heavily utilized in southeast Asia, growing in Canada/Australia, but does not operate in the US.