Fake prices as down payment

I have been seeing numerous people on offer up with car prices listed as the down payment price. The price may show up as $499, $1000, $1500 then in the listing details it may say message me for the price or details.

These people are messing up searches when searching for cars I have to sort thru these bogus prices in addition to the Nigerian scammers listing low prices as well then providing email replies to mail them money. Offerup should fix this.

I haven't found anything in the Offerup terms that even lists the policy for pricing. It seems obvious to me that the price put in Offerup should be the selling price. I think Offerup should make it a policy to only have selling price for the price and make it reportable for those who do this.


There are also numerous truth in advertising acts by state and general fraud laws that make fraudulent advertising illegal, sometimes thousands of dollars per incident.

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Welcome to the community, @georgejackson!


Price manipulation like this is absolutely against our guidelines

Titles, descriptions, & prices

Titles and descriptions should give buyers a clear, honest, and accurate description so they can tell if the item is what they're looking for. Some things to avoid:

  • Don't add keywords or price points intended to manipulate search results.

Thanks for the response.


  • Don't add keywords or price points intended to manipulate search results."

I'm not sure if their intention is to manipulate the search results but maybe they are just misinformed. I think the above statement should be updated or added to something to show something such as "price must be the purchase price".


When I reply to some of these people with down payment as prices, they seem to think that they are doing nothing wrong because they put the selling price in the description.

Can I private message a couple of these links to you, admin?



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Ah, thanks for the additional info, @georgejackson! I'll reach out to our content creator and have them edit that line for clarity. The best course of action would be to report these users, as that will give our Customer Care team the ability to reach out and educate.

Ok, thank you very much. Can I just report without having to fill in all that stuff with my full name and details? Every time I report I get an email that requests full legal name and more details. I have reported but never follow-up to that email so am just wondering if it gets reported at all then or if it just gets disregarded.

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Don't waste your time reporting, literally nothing happens.