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Someone on here sold me a car that had a title loan on the car. Title max repoed the car from my driveway. I wrote up bill of sell and specified about no loans or liens and he signed. I also have a witness who signed. What is my legal recourse? Im out hundreds of dollars
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oh no ... Sorry you're having this problem.. I think you may have to take the seller to court . Depending on how much you paid for the car it's either. civil or small claims. Did the title indicate there was a lienholder?
You should try and file a police report for theftby fraud. See if that helps get you your money back before you go to court. Cops might just refuse to get involved claiming it's a civil matter but it doesn't hurt to try. The precinct would be where the sale took place.
And for sure.. report the seller to OU
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Found out titlemax held the title for a loan. It didn't show up on VIN check.
I paid 850 for the car and put another 300 into it.
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I did. POLICE said it's a civil matter, got to go to small claims court.
If you had transferred the title to your name . CarMax should have gone after the seller since you did not not have any contract or debt with them... I say take them both to court
Also make sure u keep receipts and estimates of repairs as carmax should refund you for improvements nade and expensed by you
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Ok maybe you aren't understanding.
I was interested in a car from a seller here.
He claimed to have lost the title. I did a VIN check, title came back clear so i bought the car. I wrote up a bill of sale. SPECIFIED on it that the car was free of loans on the title or liens and if he was the legal owner and seller.
I signed, he signed and I had a witness sign.
I had the car in my driveway for about a month, until I could go get the title transferred. Before I could do that the cat was repoed from my driveway.
I found out the car had a lien on it from TITLEMAX, for a title loan.

I contacted the police, they said i'll have to take him to civil court.

Carmax has nothing to fo with this.