Has anyone converted a Ford econo utility van to a camper? Can you explain the time and energy?

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Specifically, duration and cost.
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This sounds like such a cool project!!

Hopefully someone will have some experience with this! Smiley Happy

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There is tons of instructional videos about this very topic on YouTube. I was about to place a link, but honestly, I wasn't sure rules allowed (I'll check afterwards and update if so) Here's the title to one video at least to get you started.

Van Tour: Cargo Van to Camper Van Conversion. (Super Stealth!)

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So, I'm very curious @Beer4jesus....dd you get anywhere with your idea? Have you looked at any info on Youtube?

I've been doing it myself I have a 89 Ford that I been living I for almost a year what kind of questions did you have
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I’m rebuilding a ‘vintage ‘ high top Econoline. Really want a shower and private bathroom but don’t want to cramp the living space & flexibility. I researched a lot on YouTube