Have you ever been a delivery driver?

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Happy Friday, OfferUp community! Smiley Very Happy


Our community gets larger and larger every day, and something tells me at least one person here on the OfferUp community has been a delivery driver! Maybe you had an unforgettable Uber passenger or a crazy pizza delivery story.


Whatever it may be - I want to hear your stories of being a delivery driver! Share below Smiley Happy

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I used to be a manager at Papa Johns. I did everything including delivery. In Florida, people LOVE to answer the door naked. Dunno if they just don’t have air conditioning or what. They also like to tip you in marijuana, pennies, and someone offered me some clothes before too.
I worked as a Delivery Driver in Arizona, ny route was thru Lake Havasu including the London Bridge Resort (Kokomos). If you are unfamiliar its girls gone wild and drunken madness! I was delivering a full palet of 24oz cans with a palet jack when it tipped over(I believe pushed over) beer went flying and so did every person there thinking I was giving away free beer, it was caous! My first instinct was to fight everyone off and get the beer back but realized pretty quick that it was a lost cause! I ended up losing my job! Not because of the lost beer but because I opened a tall can for myselfSmiley Wink I was a hero to all the boaters that day!
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Yeah I worked for Papa John's for almost 8 years. On my 4th anniversary a kid robbed me for nothing more than a large pepperoni pizza. Well the guy at the security booth called the cops because I chased the SOB and they put me in the police car until they could catch him. They said it was for the kid that robbed me safety cause they'd never seen a 5'2 white girl chase a 6' black kid in a Pradomanately black apartment complex... This was in East Point
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Yes, I currently shop for and deliver groceries for Instacart. I was working on my very first day in the city of Temecula and was asked to bring the groceries (mostly alcohol) inside for 2 middle aged, very attractive twin sisters. They asked me, while giggling like schoolgirls, if I would accept a tip of a full body massage. As tempting as it sounded, I needed my job more than I needed a massage and kindly thanked them for the offer, but I prefered cash. They tipped me a generous $40 in cash and another $20 later through the online app. It was the holidays so the money was right on time. Talk about "whistling while you work"... Put me in a stellar mood the rest of my shift!