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I've got a 91 Q45 nice motor I can't get my dash lights on.and wats the best way to up grade this motor it's got the nessan v8 aluminum block
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Howdy 84Frankenstine! For the beginning you can do some pretty simple things, such as getting an aftermarket ECU, 4-1 headers, 3” exhaust system and cold air intake. Then you should install all this and adjust properly, and as the result, you will get about 320-330 horsepower. It must be enough, as the engine has a lot of torque from factory, and you will also achieve the outstanding V8 sound! And if you are really trying to get somewhere with it, you could also buy performance intake manifold with a bigger throttle body, and also high compression pistons. Such VH45DE engine will be able to reach 400+ horsepower! Feisty!
-Brandon The Car Guy
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Are you the answer man to this topic?aybe I got lost somewhere...but anyway good to meet you. L11
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Cars are my passion and i like to help people out as much as i can, sure!
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Oh and sorry for not answering the dash part! Ok what i think is most car's dashboard lights could be out as a result of the dashboard lights control switch getting turned off, a blown fuse in the fuse box, or bulb in the dashboard, failed wiring or a problem in the car's electrical system. Sorry for the wait!