How likely am I to sell my car?

How long did it take to sell your car?
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@Phillipsslatoya let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

Phillipsslatoya I’ve sold two cars on OfferUp, first one sold in two weeks second one sold in less than one day. In my case the second car
I stated in the title also in the description “private party title in hand with car fax report “ always including how many miles the car has. as much honest information about any issues up front so buyers don’t get blindsided later on the test drive. I always recommend buyers bring a mechanic and look it over. Hope this helps you. 😎🇬🇧🔚
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Be safe, make sure to meet at a reasonable hour. Preferably somewhere with cameras around like a mechanic place.
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I have bought and sold about 20 plus cars in the past year. I always discribe the vehicle and have sold them in all conditions but running and highway capable. I buy mostly cars that are very expensive to fix (ex. Audi A4,A6, Volkswagen passat, jetta 1997-2007 etc) ive studied the most common issues with these cars after i noticed that they sell for very little money. And leared how to fixt them at a efficient cost effective way to where my pay out is great . i spent about the most 500$ and the least 40$ and sold for never less than 900$+ on average i pay 170$ on buying each car and drop another 200$ at most in repairs . you got to be willing to meet the customer more than half way if you have discribed the item exactly how it is in truth, then offer it at a price thats unmatched then you can find a buyer for anything trust theres buers out there that are looking for exactly what you got to offer cuz it can be right up someones ally
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I sold one car in a day after posting. I sold a second one in two days. Add clear pictures, be honest and price it accordingly!
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Within a week if you're persistent