How many out there can change a flat tire if you had too?

Are we becoming less self sufficient by the day? Who out there khas changed a flat tire, knows where the Jack is stored and how to use it? Can you check your oil and know if you need more and where to add it... can you drive a stick shift? Pop a clutch.. Use a Thomas guide ? Change a serpentine belt? .In my travels through life I've been forced to learn how to do these things. Being poor made me resourceful and more self-sufficient. What's the one thing life taught you?
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Smart people learn from themselves; Wise people learn from everybody & from there mistakes. My life travels have taught me to never give up when something needs doing. Asking someone else for advice or even for help is not giving up. As for myself i don't like anybody working on anything of mine. I once had a fuel pump go out in the middle nowhere. I took a gas can & put 2 small holes in the top barely big enough for the windshield washing hose to fit in. 1 hose went all the way into the bottom of the gas can the other end went into the air intake & all the way to the throttle body. A seperate hose went into the 2nd hole in the gas can (that i had on the passenger floorboard) about an inch. The other end of that hose i blew into which pushed gas thru the other hose into the throttle body. Started the engine & drove about an hour to my home. This is for informational purposes only. Do not try this by any means, this is very dangerous & you or others near your vehicle at anytime could be seriously injured or die. Any property near by at anytime could be damaged or destroyed. I do not except responsibility for any damages resulting from attempting any of the above.
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If you need help let me know