How to make OfferUp Better and Compete with Big Companies

1) Implement a system where sellers are allowed to ship on their own.

2) Remove the 20lb limit, and either increase it or completely get rid of it at all. (Allowing sellers to ship on their own will help with that).

3) Being able to add more pictures and at least 1 video in each listing.

4) Allow an auction type listing, starting price, buy now or etc.

5) Allowing sellers to ship anything, no restrictions on shipping furniture or etc. (Getting rid of the 20lb limit will help with that). As well as (letting sellers ship on their own). However to keep everything smooth, simply place a hold on payment by you (OfferUp) and give buyers 1-2days to verify delivery. No more then that, if they fail to verify within that time, release the money to sellers.

6) (Very Important)- To grow OfferUp and compete with other bit companies like Amazon, EBay and Craigslist, this is very important. For Seller, allow free unlimited listings for (Local meet up/pick up) but if they want to (Ship Nationwide) only allow 50 free listings. However to make unlimited (Shipping Nationwide) charge a monthly plan.

7) Lastly, Faster payouts. I do not have a solution to this but, that I’ll leave up to you guys.

So now, what are the benefits of all this, good question you ask.

-Being able to ship faster. (Happy Buyers)
-Being able to ship anything (Happy Sellers)
-Cash Flow coming in (Happy OfferUp)
-More opportunities- (more traffic) - more Buyers & more Sellers.

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#6 not fair to sellers who have a lot of small junk in their garage , house or basement that they want to get rid of. One of the reasons this site is popular with the small guy is that it's free to use! Start charging fees randomly and I'd have to quit. But if someone wanted to have a home "business" through the app. for a small fee or better yet a small percentage of their sales say 2% for example they would sign up under a business name instead. Then they could post unlimtied.