I bought a lemon on here...

All the red flags where there, I was just so excited to get a car....some guy (he even spelled his name wrong) said he was selling a 1995 Camry for $800 the car was nothing described in the ad, didn't notice that because I was looking at so many cars...right after we bought it it broke down and over heated on the freeway while I'm 8 months pregnant! My husband and I had been saving for a while to buy this car...we are expecting a baby next month so it's kind hard to save! Long story short the guy got over on us...lesson learned! I don't even want to buy stuff off people on here now unless they have sold other things and have a good reputation. He didn't have a profile and was only selling 2 Toyota Camrys. So buyers please be careful and don't fall to a scam like we did!
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You may be able to get your money back.
There are Lemon laws in calif.
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Lemon laws never ever apply to USED cars in any state. Period!
Only NEW cars. And a certified car is a fancy term for a used car. warranties only apply if u bought one.