I want to be able to narrow searches to milage and price limits.

I want to select price range and milage range for looking through auto deals. I'm tired of clicking through random cars just to find they dont meet my price or mile range. It wastes lots of db queries and bandwidth for offerup servers too I'm sure. Why cant this simple feature be implemented?
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Have you put your location in the search and distance you wish to travel. From my experience, items closest to me will appear first and then items that are further away will appear after. Is it possible that the vehicle you are looking for is just not available locally?

I believe that @Conceptionist  is seeking an odometer range filter (xxx to xxx) and not just a "max" mileage filter on a vehicle. The price filter already has a range setting, but the odometer filter does not.

Yes, of course. The mile range in my post reffers to milage on the car, not location away from me. As that feature already exists.

I was reffering to milage on the odometer not range from my location. Why are these theings so hard to implement? How many years is this feature going to take to implement? Or let alone just to have dev's read my post. Do they even read these forums? Is there even hope they have enough will power or care in the world to assign this feature or more ideas that I have?

I also want to be able to have offerup highlight the border of frame of the cars (green for example) I havn't clicked at without having to click on it again only to realize I already saw it(red) or favoreted(yellow). Or should I make a separate thread for this request. Is there even hope dev's read these posts?


If you search the forum, there are a total of 3 or 4 developers from OU ( 1 Android dev and iOS dev that I am sure about), but they almost never read the forum. I am guessing that they get feedback once in a while from the mods here, but that is about it. They have other priorities, as what you have asked for are really standardardized queries.


Just keep an up-to-date wishlist. There will come a time when they may consider the most requested suggestions.

"They have other priorities"  - I see, offer up is turning into ebay now. Afte they make enough money they stop caring and where dev's leave out commonly needed items from being implemented because of their "priorities"?. This sucks. Just toady I was trying to edit the price on my listing using my desktop PC. Guess what, I can't and there's no feedback form to fill out to submit this requesttbecasue the desktop site doesn't allow me to edit my listing. Oh but when it comes to promoting your item that feature sticks out like a sore thumb! No thanks, I used to use promoted listings, but if offerup dev's don't care then neither do I.