Looking for a vehicle 4,000 cash on hand

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It is ill advised that you request for something like that here.

Not only because of the high possibility of scams / spam but this is a nationwide forum that is not directly linked to your account.

Beware of people PMing you about this.

Search in the app for a car and follow meeting tips to avoid being robbed / scammed.

Stay safe.
What city or state are you in?
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Odessa tx
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Hello my name is Chris I am the car doctor a ASE certified Master technition with over 38 years experiencein foregein and domestic cars doyo know What are youwant car truck I have many connections in the used car business and I do pre sale inspections for 125$ that is a bumper to bumper inspection
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As @goblin stated...
It is prohibited to solicit on the Community forum, per guidelines provided. Please review them prior to your next post. Ty & GLTU