Motorcycle seems stolen

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Talking to seller he says i have to get there now pretty much its a 45 min drive i start driving after 20 mins i blew a tire on my 77 el camino so i contact him and he goes well nope cant hold it i beg him say i can pay paypal right now or offer up right now he dosent respond my dad shows up and im 20 mins from him. He says nope cant hold it. I then tell him im going to discuss it with offerup because everything then made it seem very shady.....1 the ignition is out 2 no battery 3 He was needing it sold right this second(how he was acting) 4 only time he then contacted me back was when i said i was stolen 5 he had no title story neighbor gave him 6 he was acting weird about even giving bill of sale. To many things made this sale then seem shady and possibly stolen last it was a full motorcycle beautiful for only $60 bucks forum mod please tell me how to make a offerup report on this seller
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@Buddha1120 when it smells like fish stay away. Not worth dealing with a headache.