Please Do a filter option for car sales by owner. Its super confusing when you are loking for a car

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Car sale companies are taking over offer up. and i want to be able to press an option where i can find just the regular sale by owner. Pleaseeeeeeee
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Welcome to the Community Forums @ysiklov. I've been waiting to see if you would come back and tell us the awesome car you found. I hope that is the case.

There are so many current conversation going on that you can take part in. Share more opinions and ideas about your OfferUp experience. 

Also, there are lots of car buying tips as well.


Hope we see you back in the forums soon!

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Or, please add a filter much like the catagories. It can show all ads EXCEPT cars & trucks.
There are just WAY too many dealers and their salesmen posing as a private party.🤬
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I'm having that same problem.I guess I'll have to find another site for that.
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Thanks H2ojet, that would sure help me alot. I'd like to purchase a car from a provide owner. WithThe car dealers, they are nice enough to let you pay hundreds of dollars in taxes, and that price they come up with for the cars they but at auction how nice. Just saying.
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Agreed. Private owners can give you history. Did you change transmission fluid. When was timing belt replaced. Owners can prove it, while dealers have no way to answer it
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It's pretty easy to spot the dealers though. If you will notice in the plcture, the dealers car will have the price of the car in large numbers on the windshield and you can tell a lot from what's in the background. (lots of cars parked in rows in a parking lot) Just FYI. It's how I weed most of them out. Hope this helps.