Preowner Blue title VS. Salvage title Car Buying Tips

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I know this from my own buying experiences. In the pass, I have purchase a Salvage title car NOT know the difference between the Blue title until I call to buy insurance cover for my car.

All Insurance company does NOT PROVIDE FULL COVERAGE OPTIONS POLICY to the Salvage title car. If they do be aware of the limited liability, they plan to cover and the cost replacement vehical.

Basically Insurance Companies wouldn't paid full values for your car much rather way less for your vehicle worth. The values is Noway near close to your purchased prices. This is so true, when I got into car accident and total for my car.

The claim department settlement according to the Salvage title rule. The lession learned for me that why I dont shop for Salvage title vehical.

What is means by Salvage title? The process of a car become full paid out completely by insurance company. It became big market for second hand exchange for body shop and someone flip car business.

They simply put the car to working condition for resell markets. They don't have to follow rules like big car company do so that explains insurance company wouldn't cover.

Some are good and some are bad depending on the the person/shop that rebuilding that car because they can make alot of money for flipping car fast.

Also trying to buy ins coverage for Salvage title car is not easy. If they do sell insurance for Salvage title car is basic liability coverage and cost of insurance most are high. Most feature like comprehensive collusion and car rentals doesn't sell. Replacement for the vehical is a NO, due to the fact that, Salvage title car was in serious accidents was total and flood does total too.

Insurance companies doesn't like to paid second times for the same car was previously claim out. It's also a nightmare for going repair as long as you own that car.

Hope to helps some folks are new to buying car. I welcome any comments, suggestion, inputs and sharing your knowledge with us all in online Community Forum. Thank you @StevenY