I had a post up for four used tires with about 80% tread left. I posted a pic with a penny in the grooves so that everyone could see. I had a guy message me and ask what car they came off of and why I was selling them....I explained that he was welcome to come view them whenever. He came around 10 pm when all the tire shops are obviously closed. He looks for awhile and even sees they were kept outside and have rust on them. He tried to offer me less and I declined. He paid for the tires in full and left. He texts me today saying that 3 different tire shops refused to put them on and that they are ready to pop. I told him that I was willing to look at proof from the tire shops but that used tires don’t get refunded anyway. Can u guys please help me with this? I feel like we all know that buying is always AS IS on these apps...
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Hey there, @Bellasmom2019! Based on what you said, your transaction is over and you do not have to honor a refund. We encourage buyers to fully inspect items before completing the purchase. Once funds are transferred, the transaction is complete. You can block this user from contacting you in the future.

Hi and ty for replying. I have blocked him from texting my cell but it just bugs me that he said he would take this to the next level???? So already I’m feeling concerned because he does know where I live and no I will NEVER do another transaction at my home. I’m trying to be fair to him but I feel like he thinks this is burger king
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If I'm ever in a similar situation where the user is being that adamant and harassing me, I point them to the OfferUp Terms of Service -


"vii. Transactions Final. Regardless of the payment method chosen, ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL, AND THERE ARE NO REFUNDS, UNLESS YOU AND THE SELLER OTHERWISE AGREE AND MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR A REFUND. OfferUp will not be responsible for facilitating refunds, other than as expressly provided with respect to the Buyer Protection Policy."


Unless you, the seller, decided to accept returns/refunds, you are not required to offer one. Unfortunately, people that don't have the best intentions continue to bark/harass until they get their way. If I were you, I wouldn't offer a refund and I'd just block the user. Remember - when you block a user, you also submit a report against them. This will allow you to tell us WHY you are blocking them so that our support teams can investigate.


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@Bellasmom2019 Let me be one of the first to welcome you to the OfferUp Community forum,

Bellasmom2019 I totally agree with Mj_206 it’s all sales are final. You did everything correctly from what you said in your previous post. Don’t let it bother you like you said in the future never have someone come to your house if you can help it. There’s plenty of safe zones you can use or public places like police station lobby or parking lots. He probably found a better deal and was just trying to get you to take them back. 😎🇬🇧🔚