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In sales, sometimes it is hard to stay motivated and positive. As everyone is different and all people are looking for specific things.
The easiest and best advice is stay honest. Have integrity, and ask a ton of questions. The more you know, the better you can serve a client or need.
Stay humble, and keep pushing yourself to serve the need or needs of your business, or clients.
Learn the process, and keep studying.
Don't take things personally, except your personal integrity, you can always make another sale, but a solid reputation can't easily be regained.
If you can provide excellence, and positive intention, on every transaction, or accommodation, you will be in an extremely good position to provide a solid foundation for any sale.
The customer is ultimately deciding, and with help from you, the sales experience will be easy and smooth.
It's not always easy, but if you are connecting people to what they want.
The decision to buy will be an easy one.
I'm always looking for feedback, and follow up with my customers.
Please feel free to ask questions or review my performance here.
Ben 😎

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Welcome to the community, @Ben916! These are some great tips! I used to do sales and I completely agree with just being honest! Honesty is the best policy Smiley Happy

Have you had luck using OfferUp as a source for new leads?