Salvage and junk cars/Towing

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I used to be able to post in here and offer my services for my business. I am licensed. I am legit. I am who I say. I pay people cash for junk cars. Been in the business for ten years. Seems my posts always get removed now. How can I post and it not get flagged or removed?
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I never have used the forums. Honestly.... Didnt know this existed.. Lol. I always have posted in the app. Not the forums
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@0317. I have no clue how these forums work. I have never navigated in them until now..
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@0317 got ya covered, @ThriveGuy! Currently, advertising for businesses is against our Posting Rules


I'm sure you can successfully sell some of these salvage/junk cars on OfferUp to people looking for a car-project Smiley Happy

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@Mj_206 @Elin in my state of AZ we get lots of business photoshopping there images into long strips taking up several spaces, and photoshopping images putting business phone numbers into the photos as well.
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@ThriveGuy....If you have any Porsche 964 911 chassis sitting in your salvage yard, let me know. I am in CA, but can easily get a trailer out to any state at any time.

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Good luck with your search, @LapuaSmiley Happy

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We started to buy junk cars with TITLE only.
here my number