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Hi , just today I emailed to such ad and then realized it could be a fraud as it was too good to be true . I searched in google and found this blog . Since I emailed only could I still be vulnerable to any fraud . I didn't give any address or contact number .
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That's just the way people are. I run a small mobile repair mechanic service in about 40% of the people that call me flake out. I've already bought parts from the dealer and have to ship stuff back it's very discouraging but after awhile you can kind of figure out who is going to be a problem right off the bat.
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@Fredrico  you are absolutely right, its a shame that society has gotten this way but its part of doing business. I too have a business dependent on customer reliability, and when they flake it hurts our bottom line. Unfortunately the person hurt most by these flakes is the other customer because I'm going to pass the cost on to them in order to stay in business!