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Scammers on vehicles for sale! Why are there so many and how can they be stopped it is dangerous!
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@Creativemom4, Welcome to Community Forum.

I agree with you Car and duplicate post are spamming main feed it need to be STOP.

Have to reports profile user to customer care team. It get deal with it swiftly if you reports user profile.

On the post pictures, it get flag and delete but if report profile user will put stop to their post. Hope this helps.

Keep on report it to OU's customers care you may mot see chance right away but customer care will eventually get to them. What are you using OfferUp app for buying or selling?
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Both no issues with buyers for items I have sold
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Reports the scammer, car dealers, you mention on your post @Creativemom4 definitely not you.

Quick tips: when you wants to ask a question or respond to members comments be sure using tag @ in front of the username to get swift respond like I did on above your name. What are you using OfferUp app for selling?