So many car dealers crowding out private sales

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Title says it all. Scrolling through vehicle listings 95% of them are dealerships. This app was not made for them and they're just using it as free marketing at the expense of individual sellers. If there was a way to filter through these at the very least I would be appreciative.
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@Thedwick I got to agree with you when I’m ready to talk to a used car salesmen I turn over a rock same for attorney maybe there own overUp but keep them off of this one.
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My suggestion. Posting a certain number of cars should be free and should be listed in one section (maybe 2 or 3 posted at a time by a user). After that, all car postings get charged and go into a separate car salle section- all of the postings by the same user until all postings by that user are gone. There could even be a stipulation that a seller can only sell 5 or fewer for free in six months. A third section could be made for classic and collectible cars, and maybe a fourth for specialty vehicles. This would be fairer to sellers and make it easier for buyers to find what they need. What do you think?
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Offer up to close their account out if they are a dealer