Stupidest thing everyone does on offer up

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Why does everyone selling a vehicle take the time to cover the freaking plate?? It makes ZERO SENSE!! I can walk down my street and write down 50 plate numbers... What the hell am I gonna do with them?   Absolutely nothing! Do all these people drive around town with there plates covered? I mean am I missing something? Or does everyone just copy what the person in front of me does?  There's absolutely no logical reason to cover ur plates people! Every car being sold has the plate covered but nobody even knows why they do it! Is it privacy?  So win I come test drive the car r u going to hide the plate from me?   Freaking ridiculous!

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It's half paranoia and half better safe than sorry.

You can find quite a lot from a person's license plate.

Addresses, phone numbers etc.

Even past road rage incidents can be googled.

People generally try to keep these things hidden for privacy / safety UNTIL they meet a serious well rated user.

Not all people like to meet at their home either.

Does it work? The answer is possibly. In some instances.

Yes, while you can take pictures of license plates you would personally have no use or reason to post them online or look up their infos.

You'd think that people do this so you are unable to look them up, but it's up to the buyer to do his / her due diligence when buying a car.

Make sure everything matches the car, etc.
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It still just makes zero sense to me. Only law enforcement or govt official can het personal infomation of a plate number. Already researched it. And i get the privacy thing. But even that makes no sense its just an offer up " if there doin it im gonna do it type thing" go look thru an auto trader or any used auto sales paper. Nobody does it. I just turned 53 and the older i get the worse things annoy the hell outta me. Thanks for ur inpot tho i do appreciate it n u have a good one
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License plate information provides the location of where vehicle is registered. Let's say (hypothetically) you post for sale a 2017 Camaro. Your Camaro is an exact match for one that a thief has been searching for. Would you rather not show your license plate and this thief have to meet you in person so you know what they look like, maybe even the vehicle license info they were driving, or wake up one morning and find your Camaro is gone? I know that no amount of security measures will keep your property completely safe, but it's better to have them regardless. I'M JUST SAYING!