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@psuuuuu your welcome see you around the forum. 👍😎🇬🇧🔚
Good for you! But I opened up the app today and immediately saw 10 or more used car scams sellers located thousands of miles from my local area. A ring of used car scammers was just busted in my local area, selling flood damaged cars on here & other sites with fake titles. Until Offerup can devise a method for blocking these scammers it is not a viable selling or buying site.
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I understand your point but that's why even if your just interested in the car and ask if you could check it out always take a mechanic with you and in our case we look for people that had only one car posted in they're profile sometimes when you see more than 5 cars on they're profile usually are a scammer or a cover up from a dealer not to long ago I was looking to buy an fx 35 and found this guy selling one but it turned out to be a dealer you just gotta be patient and actually go through they're profile and check they're stats and ratings
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I thought I was the only one who noticed this. I would see the same picture in several different locations. I wonder if Offer up has boots accounts?
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There are still a ton of hacked accounts posting scam after scam ad across the country. It shouldn’t be hard to stop an account that’s based in California from posting dozens of ads in other states, but I guess OfferUp doesn’t seem to bother. Judging by this thread it’s been a festering issue for a while.