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Can they add a section for just rims and tires please?! Auto parts is always flooded with used tires. I'd say 95% of the posts are for tire shops or used tires and rims.
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@Arazoii Welcome to the OfferUp Online Community forum,

Arazoii I totally understand your frustration, It could be more so in different areas of the country. I’ve also experienced this issue from time to time in my area. I’ll definitely add this idea to my feedback list and pass it on next time I’m testing new features. Thanks for sharing. 😎🇬🇧🔚

I suggest a few solutions:


1) catagory of tires, so any post with tires moves out of the main screen, even private posts as someone looking for tires can see it.   How: have an auto post display come up says "for tires, click here", any oen looking for tires can click and view lots of tire ads.


2) add to the search the ability to remove words:  -tires  currently, that shows all tires. In a google search, that removes listings with tires.  This is fundamental, maybe I don't need dresses, -dress -dresses and they're gone (although there are some nice dresses being posted, but the tires are anouying to point of I considered giving up and instead posted this message).


3) pay to play/ spam button:  lets say I click a tire post of one of the offenders (guy puts a hat on his tires), after clicking, there is now an option to click "spam", say three people (as noted by three different IPs) clicks spam on that guys post, it goes away.  However, if he pays for the ad, say $5 for 10 days, then that ad is emune and says "paid ad" and can't be clicked.  This gives US, the community opertunity to clean up the swamp.and offerup new revenue.   You would need to add that if they had say 5 posts spammed, they couldn't ad without paying.  They would then get another account, but community would be angry with them and hit them again until they realized they need to just pay to spam or not spam.


When I first loged on, I thought "cool, there are tires" and then there where so many tires, I got upset and said "Those companies ruinded, I won't buy from them, period!"


I have two posts up, I've selected promotion, and it's not coming up but there are lots of tires...  Need to fix this..

Same thing in the free catagory but with government phones! I was browsing for parts for my car was overwhelmed by tire ads..