Used cars

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How do people feel when they tell you that the car was all highway miles almost? That one always worried me
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I don’t see what’s the difference if it’s highway miles or city street miles... I guess if anything highway driving is less wear on the brakes unless you’re in la or ny
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I think what they're trying to tell you is the freeways a lot smoother than the normal city streets wear-and-tear with potholes and such and then you have your acceleration is study on the freeway where city is more stop and go accelerate stop. Trying to make you feel like the car was just pretty much in cruise control LOL
@Mark4 I agree... The timing belt or alternator don't care which route you travelled! 🚐 Unless you travelled in your car but by ferry ⛴ LOL... miles are miles..
@Bereal8675309 . Nice to see you posting, my friend! I agree with you.. I note that if those were So Cal highway miles then thats no selling point.. Sitting through stop n go traffic for hours get the engine, transmission and breaking system sooo hot...
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LOL, sometimes I ask them if they can prove it. No one will ever tell you I drove Uber for 5 years and put all these miles on city roads. Miles are miles, miles show the age of the car. Also tells you how well the car was maintained through out the years.
If you truly like a car but it has over 190k, you need to ask questions about the starter, alternator, thermostat, and radiator & water pump. You need to know if they have been changed and if so, when? Ask for receipts!
The items listed above are items that tend to break due to wear & tear, also known as “Miles”! If these items have not been changed then YOU are going to change them.