Used salvage cars

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Trying to buy a car for the family but it seems like I run into a lot of salvage cars. I think salvage cars should have their own category for people who are looking for salvage cars. I feel like I waste a lot of time reading the post about the vehicle only to find out at the end of the post it's a salvage car
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Welcome - @Ledesma9813 Thanks for sharing your concerns, I’ll add this to my feedback list and pass it on.
Can you also filter out car dealerships??? If I wanted to pay dealership prices, I'm be shopping there
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I hear you on that idea, keep in mind there are cars with clean titles but have been in accidents. A lot of flooded vehicles with clean titles. Buyers need to be aware when buying a car. I recommend using carfax, bring someone with you that knows about cars.
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You are 100 percent correct and never buy a car with a s on the title that means salavge that means it was in the junk yard and most insurance Companies don’t want to insurance the car. I found out the hard way I wanted to try to get my 5000 dollars back good luck.Then u have to take the car to DMV to pass all kinds of tests or u can not put it on the road what a pain that was be careful. And a F means Flood car good luck