What Is Your Dream Car?

🕶 cool fact!!!! I did not know this but now I do. 💟 to learn... Thanks for sharing.
Hey MJ_206.. I guess buying a truck as my 1st purchase is a bit extreme. LOL.. I didn't even see it that way. But really what would I really be able to learn by buying a used purse... Compare, analyze and commit! 🍸
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@Unity-is-Power I’ve had many cars, motorcycles, and was like yes this is what I always wanted. I always come back to a Ford pickup. Don’t know if it’s my dream vehicle but it is me. F150 4 door 4x4. Love to drive it. Really like driving it in the snow. Showed my daughter how to drive in it. She now drives one. Just like her dad. Life is good. 

Love it!
Mine is a 4 door but not 4x4.. we live close to big Bear and will be testing it on the snow.. Soo as we can get a decent amount. Thanks for sharing!
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@Unity-is-Power Have fun. I know I would. My daughter asked me one time why I go to empty parking lots and slide around with my truck. My answer was, so I’ll know how the truck slides and how to move it to stop a spin out. You can learn a lot in a empty parking lot. Had to use what I learned a few times. Now my daughter does the same thing. She comes and gets me. We go and have fun. She is a good driver. One time a cop was watching us and when we were done he came over and said, That was good. Then he said ,Now it’s my turn. We watched. He said it helps to know what to do when sliding. He’s right.

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@Unity-is-Power Who says you can’t learn and have fun? LOL!

I'm gonna take your advice and slide with it!!!! You sound like fun dad!
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@Unity-is-Power I’m sure my daughter would, no . She says the same thing. LOL! Most of the time anyway. I always told my daughter that first I’m your dad. Rules. Then more rules. LOL! Then I can be your best friend. She did great with it. Ooh! We had times. LOL! I’m proud of her. She’s doing great. Thank you for your kind reply. Made me feel good. Know what? I’m calling her and see if she can go to lunch today. 

Awe. @Jones68 I'm so glad we inspired a dad-n-daughter lunch date! My eldest is 14 and is eager to drive.. can't wait to teach him. Though he doesn't really want my F150, noooo he wants the E63!