What Is Your Dream Car?

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Nice taste...
your son has @Unity-is-Power!
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@Unity-is-Power @REMEMBRANCE Yes that is a really nice car. 2 more years to be 16. He may want something else by then.  Maybe a old Ford Mach1 ? 

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The cost of insurance will most likely deter him! 😬
Good Luck @Unity-is-Power lol.
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I like playing with cars, but I don't care about anything out of my price bracket.


One of my favorite cars, which I happen to own, is a mid 90's Lincoln Town Car Cartier, sitting on Dayton's and a loud stereo, so I'm quite content. Heart


I guess if I were to get a modern car, I'd go with the Dodge Hellcat or Viper with high power. I'd have my Lincoln slow cruiser, and something to burn the tires in when I felt like it.


Other than that, I don't care all much about cars, maybe when I hit the lotto (I don't actually play the lotto), I'll buy some exotic cars to play around with, lol.


I hope to build a Lowrider someday as well.


I'll always own a Lincoln Town Car though. Heart

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@REMEMBRANCE @Unity-is-Power Ok ! Ok! My Dream car. You ready! Ok, The old peddle car I had as a kid. It was Cherry Red. It was a fast 2 mile an hour. Quarter mile in maybe a day. All depends on how far my mom would let me go. LOL!  I had to put this in there. My really first car. 

@REMEMBRANCE Lol! Right! That's just his starter car! I should get him a Yugo so he can learn and earn (experience and how much things cost!). 🚗
@Jones68 **bleep**! I'd keep the Ford Mach1 for me too... I'll get him a Miata or something small and manageble. Lol.
@Jones68 - @Rememberance. I work a an insurance agency... New driver, he's getting a bus pass!

Word to all us parents be sure to get you kids into drivers ed, get them licensed at 16. By the time they go off to college they'll have two years of driving experience, ins will be a bit cheaper...
@Jones68 -your peddle car sounds like the best car ever, cherry red & clean n green! 🤗
Omg! Why was I bleeped? Is boot with a a "Sh" instead of the b a bad word? So sorry all!