What Is Your Dream Car?

@Kyle_M. Always stick with what you love! I'd rather drive a truck eveyday but just not practical for me ...
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Hey @Unity-is-Power
Lol... @Jones68
had the same question yesterday regarding will (with a "k"). Seems to be an automatic "bleep" on words that are not peaceful acts.
Thanks for the warning. I make it a point not to use curse words in my day to day... I find that you lose the message when you do so... I'll be even more vigilant! Going to bed now OU. It was so nice to exchange experiences with you all.. God Bless!!
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Words of Wisdom!
In retrospect... being able to get into a Driver's Ed class would of benefited my Son for sure! That was the initial plan... not an easy task in FL (they fill up very quickly, waiting lists as well). He is driving a Honda that he purchased. Pays his own insurance (on-time too lol). All while going to College and working. Yes... very proud! 💜😊
@Remebrance. I'm sure the Apple didn't fall far from the tree. You are blessed .. I know so many parents that did their best and still struggle with their now grown kids... I like hearing success stories! Keep it up, share some tricks with us still in the process!
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You are very kind...
@Unity-is-Power as always!
You seem to be doing an awesome parenting job yourself... Ditto my friend!
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I have a Mach 1 car
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@Unity-is-Power @REMEMBRANCE I was told by @Hotrod that it’s a automatic thing built into OfferUp. Some words are blocked by the site. I was bleeped. But not being bad. I didn’t get a time out! LOL! Sure wish I had a Mach 1. Don’t know if you guys remember Speed Racer? I’ll take the Mach 5!

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At this point in life I'm As a former Desert Storm Air Force veteran I've worked on everything from cars to trucks to plane's cargo planes helicopters and things people have never thought about But to be where I'm at in life desiring a vehicle to get From point A to B without breaking down is my dream car Now!!!!!! the particular type I dont worry about Because a messed up looking Drive is better then a dressed up looking walk any day ---Saying all of that to mean this
that the road(My Immediately Drive is to obtain a vehicle now!!!!! To get from point A to B And to get to Cincinnati to see my mother and my remaining Brother ( Yes!!!!!!! Ive lost One and with faith I will the other one before he turns in to away toward the other side of life that my friend is my dream car!!!!!!!!!!