What Was Your First Vehicle?

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We wanna know - what was your first car? Did you sell it on OfferUp? Or buy it on the app? Smiley Happy


My first car was a Honda Accord - it was the 25th-anniversary edition and I loved that thing. Drove it until it had 250k+ miles on it, then sold it to an old friend for next to nothing years before OfferUp existed. Had OfferUp been an option for me back then, I probably would have tried selling it to someone other than my friend!

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Chevy Malibu! Drove that thing forever and then gave it to my brother when I went away to college. Smiley Happy

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Hah! @0317 @Elin My first car came from my sister. Keeping the cars in the family! 


That old car of mine lasted 4 days after the transaction was complete. The old friend was texting while driving and rear-ended someone 2 days after getting the title in her name, it was totaled.


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First car: Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera


@Mj_206, texting and driving is unbelievably dangerous and far too common!

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Aaaaaagreed, @cyclomatic! Personally, I find it to be selfish. If I'm in a car with a driver that is texting, I enjoy giving them a stern mom-voice lecture Smiley LOL

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@Mj_206 I've never been in the same car with a driver texting. I would have no problem demanding them to pull over and let me out!! 

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lol, @0317 that's usually what I do! Especially if I'm in the front passenger seat. Whos got 2 thumbs that aren't busy driving? THIS GAL - so gimme your phone and lemme text for you. Cat Wink 

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Texting and driving smh that’s why I sold my street bike! First car was a Acura integra loved it!
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My first car was given to me by my parents on my 16th birthday.

A two door Candy Apple Red with white leather interior--

A Plymouth Scamp.

That lady drives a Scamp… remember that jingle?

Awe the memories! Smiley Happy



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1978 Toyota Land Cruiser fj40