What Was Your First Vehicle?

First car I bought was anlate 80s Geo storm and it blew up otw home from buying haha, so I don't count it. But my first real car , and I bought it myself for 600 bucks at 16 was a 1975 Toyota pickup, it also came with a kinda cool history/story. I'm from a small town called moncure in NC. And everybody knows everybody. Well my truck was Mr. Fletcher Phillips work truck and he was the dog catcher around town or any kinda animal. But that's what that truck did it's whole life. It was the worst color yellow I'd ever seen but ran great. So I got my license plate to Fletcher. And everybody in town new who's truck I had. I had pulled it out of the woods were it sat after he died n I bought it. But I hit a deer in it , Tor it up pretty good. They don't sell parts for a 75 anymore so as bad as I hated to do it it got scraped. But I had a good **bleep** time in it . I love cars and each one I've owned had it's own personality. If your a car guy/gal you understand what I'm saying. N that one had one helluva personality. Miss that old truck tho. Bit of advice for you first car buyers look for a fixer upper. Buy it and fix it up yourself how you want it. You will treat it better that way n get something slow. Hotrods will get you in trouble and hurt you to, inexperienced driver's don't need anything with horsepower. Good topic tho enjoyed getting that out 😎. Have a good day.
What year cutless, from the 90 models up they have no style. I like old school they had style and attitude, swap out that boat anchor 305 with a sbc 350 **bleep** you gotta car then. N yeah don't text n drive haha ,
I love Ford's, that's cool wish I could get my hands on an old classic Ford truck or car , for long there won't be any. Cars now days are so basic and have no distinct style. Those old timers had taste.
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White Ford EXP Stick. It was so long ago, I don't remember the year. In the '80s. They had just come out and I had gotten pregnant right after getting it, LoL, A tight fit!!!
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My first car was a 65 mustang w/ a 289. I bought it from my dad, and he made me pay bluebook for it! Then he wouldn't let me drive until it was completely paid off. I was in highschool then. I got it paid off then had Earl Shiebe paint it powder blue. It had black interior, which made it powder blue and black my highschool colors. I got 4 speeding tickets the first 6 months I had it! Maybe dad knew what he was doing after all.

Great topic!

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Mine was a '63' Grand prix ,I think it was a 387,What a tank.Even the console and the dashboard had crome.I had to hide mine around the block,so Dad wouldnt know.,.......
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@Deejblue  that was a land yaught ! But those cars were made of steel not recycled aluminum cans. They had style and class. If you had to work on it( as was usually the case ), you could climb in the engine compartment easily. No such thing as a computer chip!