What Was Your First Vehicle?

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Muscle Car ?
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A 1964 Thunderbird I 13
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cool car @Mrhotdeals1 welcome to the forums

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Let’s See I’m 40 so 23 years ago (ouch) My first automobile was an champagne red burgundy Buick Regal. Boy did I think 🤔 my poop didn’t stink. Then we grow up now I’m in a camery well at least it’s paid for lo
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Wow. I didn't realize that @StevenY. My parents had AAA going back as far as I remember from the 70's. I always believed them to be major and well know. Interesting.


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And @John12, brother you said a mouthful, haha. I think we can all relate to not only our own poop not stinkin' in our youth but also....were the heck did the years go!

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@cyclomatic, I believe AAA is privately held meaning not a public trade company.👍🏻
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@Wastedpotential, Welcome to Offer Up Community Forum, Thanks for sharing experiences on car. Have you build street race car? Sound like you know a thing or two about taking a car enigine apart. My younger day was at my friends garage doing helps tune car like your up, if you know what I mean.
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Bought a 1965 Pontiac GTO, red paint, red leather interior, w/red carpet for $350.00. It had a 389 V-8 engine w/4 on the floor. Loved it until the engine blew. Dad & I spent a few weeks rebuilding that motor, (which got about 8 miles per gallon). Learned alot, then sold it for $550.00. Then turned that over for a 1970 'Cuda 440 magnum. (7 mpg). Wish I still had that car! **bleep** Fast automobile. And loud. Loved it!
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1968 Ford Mustang Coupe black on black.
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My first was a 96 Camaro. I remember being a teenager and going to the dealership with my dad. I honestly thought I was getting a new Corvette, but as my dad and the salesman passed the 'vettes down to the Camaros, they stopped and cracked up at my confusion. I was a kid, who knew there was a $30k price difference? I learned that lesson quickly 😂 Was hooked on Camaros after that.