What Was Your First Vehicle?

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I still remember my 3-door, indigo blue Chevy S-10 pickup with third seat. I got it my senior year of high school. Was the best vehicle ever.
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@Riker17 Love that! Smiley Happy

Jeep cherokee was my first .
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@Wilburjones92 Love a good Jeep. That was my second car Smiley Happy

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1964 Plymouth Tempest. Small car back then would be giant today. Straight four and fast! 3 on the tree. How many youths today know what "3 on the tree" stands for?

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Just had this thought... with how many cars are posted to OfferUp daily, I bet just about everyone here could find the same make and model of your first vehicle! Can you find your first car on OfferUp?! 

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I found it but there was only one posted a year ago https://offerup.com/item/detail/361580409/
This one is much prettier than what I drove for a year.   My trunk wouldn't open with a key, I had to punch the ceiling in the car to get it to open.  (not kidding) .   I killed the car a painful death by filling it with diesel from an unmarked gas can in the garage.  

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This baby loved and drove a 67 Mercury Cougar!
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1994 Honda Civic.. and I still own it!
Mine was recalled! Close inbread cousin of the ever explosive Pinto. 🚗