What do you drive?

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So just to add @Mj_206, I have an '04 Acura TL which I love! Best of the TL series are those '04-'08 years...very sought after still. Lots of fun to drive.

Also have a '10 Subaru Forrester....that's a different kind of love, haha. Need a reliable winter car in NY.

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Well, I used to drive a 1990 F150. Only 4speed trans. A nice cruise-mobile rolling down the road with 22’s. Quite the eye-Cather because you don’t see anyone driving a trucc like this around. Brown single cab with an 8ft long bed, blasting music. Love this trucc💯
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Currently... have same mode of trans as goblin.
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Bright Yellow Beach Cruiser with basket for Toto too. Lol
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@KSARASARA Aww, awesome! 

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The all might prius !! I have a silver 07 and that babby runs like new ! Never had a problem with it * knock on wood 😃
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The all mighty prius!!! I have a silver 07 and that babby runs like new !! Never had a problem ! * knock on wood😅
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When I was not married: bimmers e30/e368/e39
Married: Prius v

I hated the Prius with a passion but wife fronted the money, so if I had to choose one, I chose the v (little wagon)... I drive my Prius v like I stole it and it surprises me even for how well it handles the backroads and canyons, not to mention for as hard as I drive it I average 38mpg which at best in my e30 I got 24mpg...but I didn’t by my bimmers for fuel economy!
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2000 and 2002 Chevy Z71 4×4s and one 93 Honda Accord xe
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I shyly will share, I drive 1992 Buick lesabre and it runs very good and has for years, looks aren't great matter of fact its bad, the drivers side mirror was knocked off by hit and run and I had to glue it back on but it also has silver tape to ensure it holds, the tires had spoke hubcaps that made it look pretty, but this ghetto tire shop didnt put two of my four locks on hubs correctly and they fell off, so now it has tacky black tires and no spoked hubcaps, what is important it runs good and has outlived many family members cars. I wish I could afford something better, my kids and grandkids are embarrassed.
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2018 Honda Accord , 2015 Honda Civic , 2005 Honda S2000 , 2002 Honda S2000 , and project car 1997 Honda Civic CX hatchback finally picked up a Purple car! All the cars in our household