What do you drive?

I always wanted a beemer,and that's why I drive a 1969 Ford controversy,anyone.....nothing still....oh alright 1rst)that car is fabricated and never existed,and 2nd)I drive beemer now,06 BMW 525xi all wheel drive.If you have never experienced driving and owning a beemer,put it on the bucket list,quite literally a whole other level of quality,ingenuity,and drivability,never believed until you see for yourself.
I just sold my 05 Saab 9-3turbo,was too small for my 2and a half yr old son to fit in the back,and I needed something that I knew for certain would keep my son safe, especially since his mother was recently killed in a tragic car accident about 40 weeks ago.So when I saw your post, I had to respond with,1)I feel your pain cuz never been a fan at all of the Prius and 2nd)I just got an 06 BMW 525xi and it is awesome.
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Just depends how I feel I have 2010 full dress Harley Davidson with high performance motor I do enjoy a nice ride on the country roads here in Texas. Sometimes I take my bike or I take my 1986 Mercedes Benz 560 SL Roadster convertible or I take 2010 GMC Denali Yukon. But the one I really enjoy is my 1986 Ford F-150 pick up that looks like a refuge from the junk yard with a 6 cylinder with a bad radio all my other vehicles have high end sound system but I enjoy that old rattling truck.
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those early '99's Pathfinders were tough! But I drive 3rd gen 4runners, which rule the trail...
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a 1998 Toyota 4runner, new 3.4L, transmission, Savage wi bumper, rear bumper with tire swing out, 3/8" steel skids, 3"Rancho suspension lift, Tundra brake upgrade, 33 10.5 BFG KO2 AT's, the list goes on and on....and an '02 Z71 Tahoe on 37" BFG KO2'S, Fabtec suspension, its built, too. Amd an '03 VE GTI VR6...
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2016 Jeep Renegade Latitude. Dark gray, black interior. Have pics but can't upload them here : ( Also own a 2013 Ford Escape. Same paint color outside with dark gray interior.
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2012 White Chevy Impala LTZ.
I'm at that point in life...love it.L11
I agree.. the drive is sweet the feel is fantastic and the care/repairs/maintenance phenomenally expensive... But worth it.. for whatever's reason I feel more secure driving my truck (few to no blind spots, but others can see me too in a big truck).. im always having to be extra vigilant for careless drivers when I drive the bmr..
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I love my Chevrolet dually
I used to have a Silverado 1500. Tough truck!!! I got sooo attention driving that truck!