What do you drive?

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Definitely a truck!
White Dodge Ram
2500/Heavy Duty
Hemi 6.4 Liter
Jacked/Big Back Rims
Big Boy Toy...LOL Smiley Wink
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I want a RIDE! Sounds great 👍!

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It is @Jones68!
If you like to climb BIG mountains of dirt... and get muddy!
Kinda got a little Tomboy in me lol.
Lots of fun!!
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But keep in mind, for every 1000 miles travelled in your car, it burns a quart of oil from your engine (from friction of piston rings and cylinder wall). So 2000 miles is 2quart less oil, 3000 miles 3quarts, if you have a 4 cylinder type engine, your running with 1 quart left. That’s why you need to change oil every 3000 miles or as soon as possible after.
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@REMEMBRANCE  I like the idea of Mudding with a truck. Your truck is a lot bigger than mine. I have a F150 4x4 . It’s a 4 door truck. My daughter and I love going out in the mud and snow and sliding around having fun. Sure glad we never got stuck. Yes we did some time getting all the mud off before going home.

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You and your daughter sound like you have lots of fun together!
So happy for you two!
Gotta 💜 "ANY" Truck Smiley Wink
Lol....a huge Chevy conversion van right now while my 4 stroke 150cc GY6 powered Yamaha Zuma frame and body is being worked on. But when it's running, I'd rather ride than drive. Rain, sleet, snow, sunny I'd still rather ride
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Welcome to the Community forums
Nice! Let's ride...
Total Frreeedddooommm!
Thanks. Glad to be here
I had a 93 model. My first car. My little poor man's Cadillac. Only car I had that was better than my Lessened was my Buick Road master, also a 93 model.