What do you drive?

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I have 2 cars, a motorcycle, and a bike that all see the street.
I WANT a Prelude though.
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Welcome to the community, @Buyandsell!

Lol, my ex used to drive a Prelude! I mostly hated it because it was just so small Smiley LOL

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I have owned and driven: to mention a few here.  


68 Mustang coupe Black

68 Firebird 400 Ram Air with a power glide Red

57 VW Myers Manx Green

84 Toyota 4x4 with 35’s

75 k-5 blazer with 44’s

62 Chevy C20 Apache Rat Rod with wooden flatbed and beer keg fuel tanks on e either side. Black with flames. 

My everyday driver right now is a 77 Chevy C30 dually with Alcoa’s flat black with blue and silver ghost flames.