What is your longest road trip?

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Hi everyone! 


Road trips are almost always a good time. Whether you're traveling alone, or with family or friends, being on the open road can be relaxing Smiley Happy


My longest road trip was when I moved from Arizona to Washington about 5 years ago, and that was about 1,500 miles. The trip was SO hectic - it was just me and my cat, with 2 18-hour days filled with meows and music Smiley LOL 


I want to hear about your road trips! What was your best one? What is your longest road trip? Do you have any future road trip goals? Share below! 


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Anything longer than 5hrs requires me to have a couple of magic markers....you know Man LOL


I've always liked the idea but until I get to Texas, nothing more than that. Ultimate road fantasy (because I don't ever believe I'll do it) would be to follow the Dallas Cowboys an entire season to all 16 games! Every city, every stadium and map spots to visit in between. Preferably a year their playing the NFC West to avoid colder, harsher weather North Central and East. Talk a bout a whole CASE of markers!

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I'd LOVE to take a road trip to the new Cowboys stadium! That sounds epic, @cyclomatic Smiley Happy


I totally forgot about my road trip from WA to Montana, then down to Idaho, Oregon and back home to WA. All in 2 days with my boyfriend, while following one of our favorite artists. Smiley Happy

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You know I've mapped that out already! Exactly 24hrs direct from my home in NY. I'd make that quite a great trip. No way I'm driving direct!! Eats, music, shops and beer and wine along the way that would probably take me a week! Definitely the scenic route through Ohio, down to Nashville. Detour through Atlanta en route to New Orleans. Then on to Houston, San Antonio and Dallas.

Think I need to rethink that being a week because it actually could happen.

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so @RevivalGypsy whats your longest road trip,,,,is that something you like doing? I used to do a road trip every year for many many years,,,,,,,,combined with backpacking trips most times,

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Well, we would travel by car twice a year from Miami to Buffalo. For normal people this would take about half of the time, but it would take us 5 days. Mind you we NEVER stayed in a hotel, just pulled over for naps (and the likely possibility of being murdered while we slept at abandon rest areas in the middle of nowhere). Still to this day, when Sade comes on the radio, I cringe. 5 days of the same songs over and over and over 😆 But is was fun in hindsight.
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Well probably when i was moving to alb New Mexico we drove all the way feom Eugene Oregon back in 99" then again, when we moved back to the west coast, even longer of a drive back up here to Seattle Washington, in 2002 so that's probably the longest road trips I've taken....

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I went from Phoenix to Atlantic City to Ohio to Wisconsin to South Dakota back to Phoenix 7500 miles in three weeks