What is your longest road trip?

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Hello there!
My longest road trip was a month ago moving from New Jersey to Arizona. I've lived on the East Coast all my life, same state. To venture across the country for 42 hours, only stopping to sleep for 3 hours at a rest stop in Alabama was a great experience for my husband and I.
Being able to experience different sceneries and the mountains, going through border stop, new Mexico, Texas, Louisiana..... all places we both only saw movies about, was wonderful.
Now in Arizona, all i can say it's beautifully hot-tastic 😂😎😁😓
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We passed through but didn't stop at the Cowboys Stadium but I wish we did. I think my husband did that on purpose because he's an Eagles fan 😂😂. I love my Boyz.
From Sarasota Fl to Jackson Ms to Bethel Oh to Jackson Ms to Sarasota to Germany