Who taught you how to drive?

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Hi everyone!


Learning how to drive and getting a driver's license is something many of us have experienced. I first started learning how to drive automatic vehicles at 15/16, but waited until I was about 20 to actually get my license. I had my license for about 3 days before I went on my first road trip Smiley LOL

I never learned how to drive a stick-shift until my boyfriend got his car last year, and he's been trying to teach me since. I'm afraid of causing damage to his car, though, so I haven't learned too much Smiley LOL


We want to hear about how you learned how to drive! How old were you? Who taught you? Do you know how to drive stick? Let us know below!


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@Jones68 we say were sorry, but we're not! Proud is more like it. I have 4 daughters and 1 son, the youngest is 22. Myself I had drivers training in 1974 in highschool. It was mandatory. Got my licence at 16. Didn't want dad teaching me, no way. I valued living to much. He was a bit over the top, in everything, discipline, achievement goals, rules, for us not for him. But he was still "dad" and I respected him. Try to be more understanding and patient with my own. Sometimes dads teach us how not to be. Sounds like you got your !!!!! together with yours! I'm glad to here that. You should be proud of yourself cause you did it right! Maybe if I have any more kids I should send to you for driving lessons!LOL

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Hey mj_206 it's me just poppin freash again😀dad started showing me at age 8 when I was 12 he baught me my first stick shift car 1st gear is always the tricky one 😊 sick shift is more fun to drive cause ur actually doing something wile ur driving lol.
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Hey mj_206 congrats on getting ur license.👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
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@Doughboy1 That's awesome Smiley Happy My dad taught me how to drive! 

My uncle thought me to drive.
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Im curious @Doughboy1 how old are you now,,,,,,,i dont think as many people learn as a young age as they used to,,,,,cept for maybe farmers  kids,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I can really say who taught me how to drive,,,,,,pretty much self taught i think,,,,,,,i learned how to hot wire my dads one ton gmc pickup when i was in fifth grade,,10 years old i think,,,,,,,he misplaced his keys onetime and hotwired it,,,,so later i hid his keys so that i could watch him hotwire it,,,,,,,i drove it quite a bit till i got busted,,,,,got it high centered in a field,,it was all i could do to push the clutch all the way to the floor,,wasnt tall enough.,,,when i was thirteen , i drove from here in washington to southern oregon,,366 miles at night on icy roads pulling a large uhaul trailer ,because my dad was sick,,,,,,,,,,,thats when i would say i learned to drive,,,,,my dad was asleep in the back seat,,,,,i was white knuckles all the way,,,,,,,my dad has no idea how many times we came close to dieing on that trip,,,,,buy the time  i was 14 my dad was telling me to take the car ,just to get rid of me when i went to work with him on the weekends,,,his partner would always give him hell about that.,,,,,but not as many kids learn to drive at a young age now days,,,,,it always amazes me that kids wait till they are in their twentys to get divers licenses,,,,,,i got mine the day i turned sixteen,,purchased a car for 450 dollars at 35 dollars a month,,,,,,and was always on the go,,,,many times having to find work hundreds of miles from home , and kids back then,learned how to do a tuneup,,,just so they could keep driving.,,,,and learn how to siphon gas just incase someone was willing to help you out with a few gallons.,,,,,and when i was a kid,,,,,,i think i only ever knew one kid whos parents purchased her a car.,,,,

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I would self educate myself by frequently asking good questions to the driver whenever i was in a vehicle
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Hi @Ernestx welcome to the forums

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@Pax1 Smart!